Club Information

We pride ourselves in creating a supportive, friendly community for our members and their children.

Club Communication

News about MOMS Club is shared via our monthly newsletter that highlights upcoming events and member news. Members also benefit from our members-only Facebook page and Listserv (which serves as a great place to ask recommendations on anything from restaurants to plumbers). And, our active member-only MeetUp page serves as a resource for not only keeping up with the latest MOMS Club events, but family-oriented events in our town and surrounding communities.

Playdates and Activities

Our club averages two to three activities a week for parents and their children. A sampling of a month of activities, includes:

  • Playgroups for children of specific ages (hosted at our members homes or a nearby location).
  • Playdates for a Purpose – our service-oriented playdates for children.
  • Special events around holidays.
  • Arts & crafts.
  • Educational/special speakers for children and parents.
  • Family event.


Our fun monthly mom-focused night out! We’ve gotten together for movies, dancing, barre class, yoga and meeting up at fun restaurants. We also run a monthly book club for our members.


The MOMS Club of Sharon provides support to our members. The most common support includes providing meals to new moms and their families or families who are facing a serious medical issue.


The MOMS Club of Sharon completes several charity projects with our children each year that give back to children and families.

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